A Feeling Beyond Expectation

Originally published in Means2Madness

A feeling beyond expectations

Sometimes life teaches you more in a year than an entire lifetime. My life between Diwali 2018 and Diwali 2019 has not been less than a novella which would have many takers if I ever decide to write it. But that for another day.

Here I want to talk about Diwali 2019 and the closure it brought to the fiction called ‘my life’. It was beyond expectation and even though the feeling cannot be fully expressed in words, I am still attempting as I want to record the memory for life.

This Diwali brought a gift which turned the festival from being emotional to a fulfilling one. The past year had created a void which was filling up slowly with time, but the festival of lights flashed full power and put me at peace.

A feeling beyond expectations

And this was all made possible by a gift which has no monetary value but an assurance that you are not alone. Diwali 2019 brought a surprise guest whose presence and the thoughtful gift reassured the faith in the life and gave the confidence to take challenges head-on, once again.

This was the moment I had waited for a year but didn’t expect it to happen. The euphoria of getting the unique gift may subside with time but the thought behind the gift and its positive energies will last for life. And the visit would go beyond even that, if there is sucha thing.

I had forgotten the feeling of being so happy where you can’t contain the happiness within yourself. So, I wrote the first draft on Diwali night itself, but took time to finalise it.

And now all I wanna say is, ‘Life… I am Back, Bring it on!’.

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